ALGAURIZIN – Campus Management System

Whether your organization is just starting out or is an established institution, Our Campus Management System can help you operate smoothly and grow effectively. Algaurizin combines powerful software tools that schools and businesses need for operations, finances, customer relationships, and, most importantly, educating.

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Vbook e-commerce Platform for Service Providers

Specialized online marketing platform that provides a foundation to retailers and service providers for a sustainable growth and excellence. The vBook’s core proposition is driving customers through coupons and offers for offline and online brands.

Office/Document Management Software

Our DMS is an advanced Document Control software allows you to store all your company’s documents in one centralized secure system and enforce consistent processes for reviewing, approving, changing, releasing, and obsoleting documents across multiple departments, and geographical locations.

AVICENNA – Health Care Solution

Avicenna is a complete solution that can be deployed and customized for any hospital or health care institution, providing your patients with the service they expect to find in state-of-the-art medical institutions.

Modern Point of Sale

Our Comprehensive Point of Sale system is ideal for bars, restaurant &Retail Stores. In the event that you encounter midsection torment, queasiness, or whatever other distresses amid bought this cialis no prescription sex, look for prompt restorative consideration: Severe wooziness Fainting Chest torment Putting away place: Keep out of the span of kids.. Easy to operate, seamless integration for online orders, split payment, pay by item, and pay by cash and credit cards. All orders tracked are reconciled.

Stock & Inventory Management Software

A scalable solution for Inventory Control that enables to avoid stockouts, make prompt reorders and get automatic stock level updates whenever sales and purchases are made. You can also manage inventory across multiple warehouses and stores and in multiple currencies.

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